About Andy

Hi there. I’m Andy Webb. And I’m a money-saving geek.

I’m passionate about not wasting cash and I love the idea that I can help others achieve their dreams. I can get a little evangelical about it all (I do need to rein that in a little!). My blog isn’t about being boring and staying home. It’s not thrift for thrift’s sake.

Whether it’s paying bills, booking a holiday, finding a shopping bargain or helping you understand budgeting better, my blogs are all there so you can make the most of your money. I want to show you that being clever is about not wasting money, knowing the best places for bargains, keeping on top of bills and balances and much more.

I really do live and breathe what I write. If I’ve written about a way to be clever with your cash I’ve done it.

All of it should leave you with extra money in your pocket – what you do with it really depends on your personal relationship with cash. So whether you save it or spend it, I’ll give you tips and tools to make that going even further too!

And I truly believe you can do all this without having to stop living your life!

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My background

My background is in broadcasting. For more than a decade I worked in TV at the BBC on programmes such as The Money Programme, The Culture Show and Crimewatch. In 2013 I moved to online financial journalism. First at the pioneering website MoneySavingExpert.com, before setting up Be Clever With Your Cash in 2014 while also running the blog at The Money Advice Service.

Since the summer of 2018 I’ve been concentrating on Be Clever With Your Cash and my role as the resident money expert for Chanel 5’s Shop Smart Save Money. I’m also continuing to write about money for the likes of Moneywise and Reader’s Digest.


The blog has twice been chosen as Financial Blog of the Year at the Headline Money Awards. First in 2017, and again in 2018. It was also picked as Money Saving blog of the year at the 2017 UK Money Blogger awards (the “SHOMOS”).

Other recognitions include nominated for Financial Broadcaster of the Year at the 2019 Headlinemoney awards, winner or Highly Commended for Best Personal Finance Blog at the 2016 Headlinemoney Awards, runner-up for Moneyblogger of the year at the 2015 Santander Media Awards, and a finalist for Best International Personal Finance blog at the 2016 Plutus awards.

About Be Clever With Your Cash

Be Clever With Your Cash went live on 24th February 2014. The site now receives more than 125,000 hits a month and reaches over 1 million people a year.

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12 thoughts on “About Andy”

  1. Hi Andy,
    I’m a money adviser in Aberdeen and I’m fairly substantially nutty about living what I preach and budgeting well. In my spare time I’m a magician and I even use my money saving obsession as part of my act (making money appear is a handy trick for a money adviser ????). I’ve just discovered your blog and I think you’re my new hero!! ???? 😀

  2. I really like your website by the way, we all need every help to save money, get a few freebies and get good deals, thank you for your hard work so far.

  3. Hi Andy, I pay my water by full bill direct debit (United Utilities) and I get £5 a year off a year, I get billed twice a year and its in the first half year bill when I get the discount taken off, so (at least with some water authorities) you can get money off paying water by direct debit.

  4. Hi Andy. I am also a Crystal Palace fan and was looking to get a season ticket for next season. Will I be able to use my NUS extra card to get the student price? I qualify for the NUS card through Kaplan Financial, where I am studying an accounting qualification while working. I used it to get a concession ticket to our last game. Any insight would be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Alex, I don’t know if Kaplan Financial qualify, but you can find out by starting the process at the NUS website. It doesn’t commit you to anything.

      As for Palace – sometimes the club wants proof of a full student ID for seasons. I used my NUS on a match by match basis in the first half of the season but upgraded to a half season in January.

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